We're so glad to have you visiting ARES Website.Before sending your message, please read the FAQs first and then fill out the contact form.There are some questions you might be interested to get to know more about us. We will reply ASAP.


Q1: Are you a factory?

Yes, ARES is one of the leading socket set manufacturers in Taiwan.We've been manufacturing OEM socket wrench sets for many big European and Asian hardware suppliers through the years.For over 35 years, we are specialists in the manufacturing of all kinds of socket sets, impact socket sets, wrenches, ratchets, extension bar, etc..We do everything in house from material purchasing, cold forging, lathing, polishing, stamping, vibrating, sand blasting, electroplating, to finally packaging.

Q2: What's your company profile?

  • Company Name: ARES & TTOP HAND TOOLS CO.,LTD
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Address: No.246, Ponyri Rd., Taiping Dist., Taichung, Taiwan
  • Area code: 41146
  • Established: 10/01/2010
  • Employees: 100
  • Language: English, Chinese
  • Sales Representatives: Peter Chiu & Tom Hung

Q3: Is there a MOQ (minimum order quantity) or MOV (minimum order value ) for per order?

MOQ is 300pcs/per item.
MOV is USD10,000/per order.

Q4: Can I have my logo on your products?

Yes, we are your OEM solution, we can easily customize your tools with your own logo.

Q5: Where are your raw materials from?

Our raw materials are of the highest quality and come directly from CSC (China Steel Corporation) the largest steel company in Taiwan. Please feel free to visit our "Steel Materials" section or contact our sales representatives for more information.

Q6: What is your manufacturing production capacity ?

It depends on the size of the socket, we can produce 2-6 million single sockets a week.We can pack and ship 5,000 sets a week.

Q7: Who do you produce your OEM products for?

Sorry, as we recognize the importance of protecting our clients' privacy, we can't disclose that information. We currently OEM for big brands from Europe, Russia, South Asia.

Q8: Does ARES offer a certificate of Origin (C/O)?

Yes, we offer a certificate of Origin along with all shipping documents to our clients.We also offer a chemical composition certificate of our steel for your reference.

Q9: What kind of packaging service does ARES provide?

ARES offers standard export packaging. Additionally, we offer elaborate customized packaging solutions from labeling to artwork design to finally packaging.For more details, please contact our packing and shipping department.

Q10: Is it possible to sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with ARES?

Yes. We are concerned about our clients’ needs to protect their information.

Q11: Can I purchase only small quantities from ARES?

As a OEM manufacturer we only do mass production.We have a minimum order (MOQ) of 300pcs/per item and a minimum order value (MOV) of USD 10,000

Q12: What is ARES' lead time?

Upon your inspection, satisfaction and approval of our samples we will begin mass production. Your first order will take approximately 60 days to ship. Orders following that will be ready to ship in only 45 days.

Q13: Does ARES offer a quality test report?

Yes, to ensure the highest quality products for our valued customers. We offer a free quality test report. Our on-site engineers can conduct laboratory tests to provide you with below:

  • Dimensional check report
  • HRC Hardness test
  • Torque Test
  • Nickel and Chrome thickness test
  • Salt spray testing report

Q14: What is ARES' target market?

Our clients are from Europe, Asia, Russia and the US.

Q15: Do you offer samples of your products?

Yes, at our exhibits we do give out samples to our potential customers for them to examine the quality of our products or for their market research. We also ship our samples if they are in stock, however shipping costs are covered by our potential customers.

Q16: How long has ARES been manufacturing tools?

Under our parent company CIJS, we are a family-run business with over 35 years of experience manufacturing hand and pneumatic tools.

Q17: What are your terms and conditions regarding payment?

In terms of a trial order, usually there is a down payment of 30%. Only upon full payment of the invoice, delivery of shipping documents will be initiated. Irrevocable letter of credt (sight L/C) also accepted.

Q18: What are your working hours?

We are a registed factory, we follow government regulations. Our working hours are from 8:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday.

Q19: What product finish does ARES provide?

With the advantage of having our own licensed electroplating facility, ARES can provide various finishings on our product line, such as, Mirror finish | Matt finish | Satin finish| Two-tone finish | Silver matt finish | Color ring finish | Color ban finish.

Q20: Once the inquiry is sent, when will ARES reply?

Usually for normal items within our product range we will respond within 1-2 working days.For irregular items it will take longer.

Q21: What can you do to help ARES speed up your quote process?

We suggest indicating the item numbers, photos and product description.Our sales team will process your quote request within 2 working days (not during holidays).For irregular items, samples are recommended.

Q22: Can I visit your factory?

If you plan to visit Taiwan we would love to meet with you. Particularly in October when Taiwan hosts it's annual Hardware Exhibition.

Feel free to e-mail, call or Skype us in advance to let us know what your schedule is and we can certainly set up a time to meet. Please contact our sales manager for more details.

Sales Manager: Peter Chiu
TEL:(886)4-2270-0838 #55
No.246, Pengyi Rd., Taiping Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan.

Q23: I've been in the hardware business for a while and have visited Taiwan, I've never heard of ARES until now. Please explain why.

That's because before 2013 our primary customers were domestic trading companies. We have now decided to reach out to the International Hardware Community.

Q24: What makes ARES different?

Unlike our competitors who only do packaging and assembling, ARES manufactures 80% of our tools in house, as a result, we can offer you much better prices, a shorter lead time, and on-time delivery, enabling you to quickly respond to your market demand.

Q25: How can I get an ARES' product catalog?

In order to receive our on-line product catalog, you will need a password. Feel free to contact our sales department. Once you've downloaded it, you will have access to thousands of our products.

Q26: If I can't find a product on ARES' online product search, what should I do?

Please e-mail our sales department with photos and the content description. This way, we will know exactly what you need and we can give you a more accurate quote.

Q27: What associations do you belong to?

We are proud members of Taiwan's Hand Tool Manufacturer's Association (THTMA)