Common Examples of Where a Socket set is used. Part 2

When it comes to automotive projects, sockets are the tools you'll need everytime.

For a DIY lover, if you are planing to do maintainance on your own vehicle, you will love this information.  It's important to know how to use a socket set.
One  example is using socket sets to maintain or restore a scooter on our own to save money.  Aside from that, nothing beats the experience and the feeling of fixing something on your own.

176pc set
176 pcs in set, you can carry all the 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" drive sockets whereever you go and you are ready for action.
there are many ways to remove stuck and stubbon nuts/bolts... For examples as below:

An allen screw can be removed by using Spinner handle + Hex bit socket

An allen screw also can be removed by using allen key wrench.

An allen screw also can be removed by using a T bar socket + hex bit.

A hex bolt can be removed by a  Ratchet + 6point socket

This DIY expert says they usually use the ratchet first to loosen the seized bolts/nuts, and use the spinner handle to quickly turn out the nuts/bolts.
So ratchet + spinner handle work well together to remove tight fasteners.

This DIY expert uses Sliding T-Handle Socket Hand Wrenches to become T-BAR
It's 1/4"Dr. sliding T handle+ 1/4"Dr.extension bar + 1/4"Dr. deep socket to become 1/4"Dr.T-Bar.
3/8" drive and 1/2" dirve also can work. T-Bar is a popular tool which can use in many places


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