Responsible Environmental Electroplating to preserve the Beauty of Taiwan Part 2

ARES'S on-site metal plating and finishing plant is well-known for taking its environmentle responsibility very seriously.  While we focus on manufactruing high quality hand and penumatic tools, ARES has been dedicated for years in following every green step to achieve sustainable manufacturing, which is very costly.  We have advanced equipment and machinery, hire only qualified licensed technicians and strictly implement every environmental policy and procedure. 

1.Every morning our technical expert will check and record the wastewater levels and add sepcific chemicals to start the wastewater treatment process.

2. We monitor every reading on our waste water control panel and analyze the data, while doing so, removing heavy metals and containments from the wastewater.  60 % of wastewater will be recycled and purified, and then back to the facility to reuse. 40% will be thoroughly cleaned and discharged.

3.  The plating process generates acid and toxic air pollutants, including heavy metals and cyanide.  ARES has air pollution control system and equipment which is multi-stage air scrubbing system.
Our complete pack tower scrubber can remove acid, gases,chemicals and odours.  Contaminated gas flows through a custom designed packing media that cleans the gas with recirculated liquid.
The liquid solvent absorbs the gas pollutants by phisical or chemical means.

4. After dewatering and going through our filtering press machine, the wastewater will become sludge.  We then dry the sludge until it becomes solid.  We cooperate with our partners who specialize in sludge management.  They will recycle the wate sludge and extract valuable metals inside for reuse or resell in the future.

5. Finally we exam and make sure the wastewater becomes clean, without any metal containments and ready to discharge.
Its PH level needs to be between 6-9, similar to tap water.

Maintaining compliance is an important and serious responsibiility... ARES stays in compliance.

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