Responsible Environmental Electroplating to preserve the Beauty of Taiwan Part 1


Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from above ( Chinese: 看見台灣)  is a 2013 documentary film, which features Taiwan in aerial photography.  The film directed by aerial photographer Chi, Po-Lin reache number one at the box office in Taiwan for best documentary.  This documentary showcases Taiwan's stunning scenery and varied landscapes, including mountains, ocean, farmlands and valleys.

This film was made over a three-year period with hundreds of hous in the air and had a budget of close to US$3.4 million.  In addition to the beautiful scenery, the documentary also shows how industry has affected the landscape and it sends a clear massage about the importance of environmental protection.  The director Chi,Po-Lin  urges everyone to aapreciateTaiwan and protect it's beautiful environment. 

In 2014, ASE Inc, the world's largest IC packing and semiconductor company was accused of discharging untreated waste water into nearby river.  As a result , The Environmental Protection Administration has taken steps investigating electroplating manufacturers and has fined violators millions of Taiwan dollars and forced some factories to shut down all operations.  This has led to Taiwna's congress to amend newer and stricter environmental regulations.

ARES'S on-site metal electroplating plant is well-known for taking its environmentle responsibility very seriously.  While we focus on manufactruing high quality hand and penumatic tools, ARES has been dedicated for years in following every green step to achieve sustainable manufacturing, which is very costly.  We have advanced equipment and machinery, hire only qualified and licensed technicians and strictly implement every environmental policy and procedure.