Thank you message for team members at ARES


Happy Labor day!

Thanks to all our employees.

We thank all of our staff here at ARES.

An organizations' success is fulfilled by the support of all team members not only by the boss or individuals. 

It takes a combined effort to meet our goals, solve problems and complete every order on time.

Having a strong manufacturing base is vital.  Manufacturing takes a lot of knowledge and  work.

Manufacturing sockets and operating machinery isn't simple.  It's all about linking
every important step.

We know you have been working hard when.....

Winning orders.
Politely talking with and negotiating with our clients.
Writing and answering e-mails.
Making and double checking samples.
Typing documents and doing paper work.
Purchasing material and cooperating with suppliers.
Mass produce millions of sockets before every deadline.
Packaging and shipping goods.
Contacting the forwarder to meet ETD and ETA.

Linking every important step together.

Thank you for all that you do.

Your contribution and commitment to your work is appreciated !